Saturday, April 25, 2009

Morning Sparkle

Grisedale, Cumbria

It was a cold October morning and I was in a hurry as I laced up my Zamberlan climbing boots. I wanted to make the most of my last day in the Lakeland hills. The storm clouds brooded overhead as I climbed up into Grisedale - not very promising! But as I levelled off into the valley, the clouds parted and shafts of crisp sunlight streaked from the craggy peaks. It was an exhilarating sight as the landscape came alive, just for me. It seemed like the sun was shining right into my heart and I felt refreshed and energised. I took photo after photo to capture that moment. I didn’t want to leave.

If we want to make the most of our day I find it’s vital to try and take time alone, long before the day dawns and make contact with God and allow the Son to warm our hearts. It’s different every time of course, but there’s always something fresh each morning, so we start the day energised and ahead of the world.

" new every morning; great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:23

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are You Thirsty?

Cafe in the Woods, Cardinham, Cornwall

Cardinham Woods is a favourite place for families, bikers and walkers, with or without dogs. After following the forest trails up hill and down dale, many stop off at the bistro to slake their thirst and have a rest before moving on.

We know when we need a drink, but do we always know when we are spiritually thirsty? It often takes a crisis in our lives before we acknowledge how parched we really are. When we stop and drink of His Presence, we experience His ‘living water’ which reaches those parts that other drinks cannot. We come to experience the benefits spiritually, physically and emotionally and find rest for our soul.

"Come, all you who are thirsty -” Isaiah 55:1

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Absolute Caring Love

Island of Tresco, Isles of Scilly

The small island of Tresco’s beauty has a magical quality, with its sub-tropical gardens and surrounded by white sandy beaches and turquoise sea. Some of the visitors say they would love to live there, but for many, a day or so is enough before they begin to feel the loneliness and isolation from civilisation as they know it.

There maybe times when we may feel like we are shipwrecked on a desert island and God seems far away. However, no matter how far from home, no matter how desperate we feel, God is close, ready to comfort with His presence. Father is continually thinking of us. His thoughts even outnumber all the grains of sand on this beach. His care is absolute.

“How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!”
Psalm 139:17