Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Garden House, Yelverton, Devon

I have a love for gardens, especially walled gardens, like this one. As I step into the enclosure I'm immediately aware of a closeness and an intimacy. And as I slow down and take in the heady perfume of the myrtle blossom and the riot of colour in the borders, the worldly distractions start to fall away and peace descends.

We can of course find space anywhere to be with Jesus in secret, where the longing within connects with His longing for us. It’s like coming home.

“Lord, I’m coming” Psalm 27:8


Mike said...

I love these places too. I have a local one with a tea shop. I go there, sit and read and write and pray. Wonderful.

wayfarerjon said...

Yes this one has one too!!

Vanessa said...

I love the quietness of gardens, too. It has a way of bringing peace to the heart.
I love this blog, by the way!