Sunday, July 26, 2009

He Actually Prays For Us!

Magnolia Petals, Trengwainton, Cornwall

When my wife and I were last at this garden near Penance, we were entranced by the scene of thousands of magnolia petals carpeting the grass. As we stood in the stillness an exquisite pale pink petal floated down to the ground, just like a prayer from Jesus, saying 'I am here!'.

It reminds me that Jesus is always praying for us. In prayer, we may be stuck for words, either because we don't feel close or we are agonising over a difficult situation. But if we are just still before Him he will pray for us and through us. Words may come or not, but either way it will have been the two of us in the Spirit, in a precious heart-to-heart, taken up with each other - effortless. We come away at peace, knowing something has happened in the heavenlies. He is praying for us - it's mind-boggling.

"He does our praying in and for us," Romans 8:26

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