Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Comforting Presence

Edale and the Derbyshire High Peak

Ever since my early teens I have loved walking in wild mountainous places. This is one of my favourite spots, a high wilderness plateau in the Peak National Park, reached by a long climb up the Grindsbrook valley. It's an area of outstanding natural beauty where, in the solitude, you can feel close to God. You need to go prepared though, as even in summer the weather can change dramatically and without warning, with the danger of becoming lost in a threatening featureless landscape. This particular day I arrived at the top after a tiring final scramble, to find a sheep waiting for me on a high rock.

There is nowhere we can go without the Lamb of God being there for us. Whether we’re in the loneliness of a desolate wilderness - geographical or emotional - the driest of the hottest desert, the deepest inner turmoil or the most trying circumstances, He is always there for us, to comfort, protect and give succour. He knows exactly what we need.

“You are all around me on every side”
Psalm 139:5

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Mike said...

So comforting to know he is surrounding of on every side.