Sunday, June 21, 2009

Window Dressing

Herefordshire Cottage window

This is just one example of a quaint timber-framed cottage in Hereford. The old leaded window is surrounded with English roses, making a beautiful picture of peace and tranquility. But wait, you can’t see through the window and in my curiosity I can’t help wondering what it’s like inside. Does the interior match up to the promise of the exterior or is it just ‘window dressing’ I wonder?

How is it for us? Do others see the ‘real me’ or do we put up a front to prevent them seeing what we may think of as weak or shameful? This keeps people at a distance, so what about God? Do we hide part of ourselves from Him? If we are real with Father, He is real with us. One small move from us and He comes running to heal our pain and shame and set us free to be ourselves. We may be in for some surprises?

“Come near to God and he will come near to you.”
James 4:8


Dr. Will Hensel said...

Dear brother Jon,

Your reflections here beautifully parallel the reasons for my inquiries about extending your shared vision to the people who inhabit the beautiful lands your photos reveal. I, too, 'can't help wondering who's inside'; and with your artist's eye and heart, you can address that longing. Do we keep up barriers to prevent being seen? Probably. If we distance people, and gaze only on their environs, can we draw near to God? Possibly not? I couldn't agree more that we're in for some surprises :-). Jon, I hope I'm not harassing you--I'd rather hold my peace, but God hasn't left me that option, yet. Please feel free to delete this, or any comment of mine; I love your site and what you've shared of yourself. And I love your corner of Britain.

In Christ's love,

wayfarerjon said...

This post poses the question, what is inside us, does it apply to me? What is my response - that is the purpose! In my other blog I sometimes go into this in more depth.

However, as you suggest, I could paint pictures, in words,of what could be inside others and I am working on that. However I don't think it will be in this blog, unless I am missing something.