Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Only Way

The Pennine Way, Derbyshire

This is the gate at the start of the Pennine Way, a footpath that starts in Derbyshire and follows the 'backbone of England' all the way to Scotland. This first section, which crosses high level moorland can appear threatening in inclement weather, with the risk of getting lost in a fog or stuck in a bog. But provided walkers are well prepared and keep to the marked route they will be perfectly safe.

It may seem an affront to some that Jesus is the only way to salvation, but this is the Biblical truth that Jesus is the only access God and salvation. Otherwise we are lost. We may have already entered by the 'gate', but we have to stay on the path and avoid the many diversions or we may be in danger of losing our way. God has already made provision for our complete security, so provided we continue abiding in Jesus and putting our full trust in Him, we are absolutely safe.

"I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved."
John 10:9

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