Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Glory of God

Looe Island sunset, Cornwall

Driving along the coast road the other evening, I stopped to look across to Looe Island. It had been a dull wet day, but the sky was clearing. I watched as the setting sun appeared from behind a large black cloud and was spellbound by the magnificent radiance that transformed the whole scene. I could have stayed there all evening.

We will never see the full Glory of God until we are in heaven, but because of Jesus we can be filled with the Holy Spirit and gaze upon His beauty and majesty. When we make ‘contact’ in abiding in His presence we should not rush away, but tarry, because He transforms our lives. I have found that especially in trying times, when all seems black, we may be given special glimpses of His Glory. He knows what we need.

“The heavens declare the glory of God”
Psalm 19:1


Lucinda said...

I so love your pictures and writings. Thank you for the peace you bring to my life.

Mike said...

What a beautiful post, in every way. Thank you :)

Dr. Will Hensel said...

Dear brother Jon,

Like Lucinda and Mike, I am drawn further into God's grace and glory by your photos and meditations.

My own meditations this morning included Jesus responding to a lawyer's interrogation with the story of the wounded traveler and the priest, Levite and compassionate Samaritan who came across him. So much of God's word has to do with His special love for humankind--do you also photograph people? I'd love to see some of the people of your environs through your awakened eyes.

wayfarerjon said...

Many thanks for your encouraging comments. Yes I do photograph people especialy family and friends. I'm certain there is more to see in people than places, but not sure about posting such pics in a public place?

Dr. Will Hensel said...

I appreciate your respect for the privacy of people in your photos, and the unique matrix of (God-given) capacities that lead to the perception, composition, selection, and setting of the pictures and texts.

Some of my favorite moments in Scripture are announced by the little signals, 'But God...' or 'Nevertheless...'.

And a very similar sense arises at this point: Jon, I encourage you to bring up this question of sharing photos and reflections including people in your time with God...and let's see what emerges!

wayfarerjon said...

I receive what you are saying Will and I will give it some prayerful thought - bearing in mind that 'pictures' can be photographic, impressionist painting or in words!