Sunday, May 3, 2009

Threatening Storms

Stormy Seas on our Beach

Our beach is natural and unspoiled. I like it that way. No super-clean resort beach for me. I love watching the tide hiss across the shingle or come crashing on the rocks. No two days are the same. There’s a tremendous power in the waves that often pound the beach mercilessly in a storm. One wild night a large section of cliff collapsed, but the next day was still and calm as if nothing had happened.

When, out of the blue, we receive bad news we may feel threatened, our heart pounds and it seems our world could fall apart. But when we cling to Jesus and shelter under His protection, calm begins to descend even though the storm still rages outside. He carries us through, He will never ever let us down. When the storm is over things may not be the same, but peace reigns in our heart.

“He stilled the storm to a whisper.” Psalm 107:29


Dr. Will Hensel said...

Dear brother Jon,

My wife and I spent a wonderful summer working with a church in Newquay, with an apartment overlooking the water. I am blessed by your photos and reflections that remind us of the beauties of Cornwall and the goodness of God.

In His gracious love,

wayfarerjon said...

What a view to wake up to. Yes the Cornish Coast is beautiful, but I should imagine Texas has it's beauty spots? Thanks for your comment.